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Lower Midlands Arts (LMA) is a group previously known as the Greater Green Ponds Branch Tasmanian Regional Arts (TRA) and was launched on Saturday 15th of July 2017 at a bonfire at Lauriston, Kempton.

The Lower Midlands Arts vision is to promote and support the arts in the Southern Midlands region through offering a wide range of events and workshops to suit the varied tastes of our membership. 

Lower Midlands Arts also administers the Lower Midlands Collection - a collection of artworks that aims to celebrate the Southern Midlands and its artists with works by local artists or artworks representing the local area.  The artworks of this collection are available to organisations and individuals to lease on an annual basis.

Lower Midlands Arts Contacts:

Catherine Johnson, President

Carolyn Bassett, Secretary

Sandra Brown, Treasurer


Upcoming Lower Midlands Arts Events

  • Lower Midlands Collection leasing 

  • Artlands at the Church - Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October 2022

Selection of Artlands exhibited works  2017-2019

Lower Midlands Arts Recent Activities:

Lower Midlands Arts August 2020 Newsletter   

Kempton Mural - an initiative of Lower Midlands Art s (LMA) and the Southern Midlands Council Streetscape Committee the mural is being developed on the wall of the Football Club at the Kempton Oval. LMA artists have designed and worked on the mural, with school children from Kempton and Bagdad contributing to the terracotta work.

Kempton Mural March 2020.jpg
Mural - Catherine Carolyn Sandra.jpg
Heading 6
Paint Pouring workshop
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