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GPPA delivers, administers and supports:


  • Kempton Festival   (direct)

  • Kempton Market days   (indirect)

  • Southern Midlands Council liaison   (direct)

  • Grant submissions for community benefit   (direct)

  • Horse Drawn Heritage Association   (direct /indirect)

  • Kempton Handmade Homegrown Market (support)

  • Kempton Blue Place Market (support)

  • Greater Green Ponds Branch, Tasmanian Regional Arts (support)

  • Melton Mowbray Rodeo (support)


GPPA will also, as part of its reinvigoration, seek to be far more engaged and communicative with the community and achieve greater community appreciation through more activities, projects and undertakings.


A full copy of the Green Ponds Progress Association Strategic Directions and Actions for 2015-16 can be downloaded here.


The Green Ponds Progress Association, (GPPA) has taken the first steps to reignite its activity and re-engage with the community we represent.

With a principle focus on the historical village of Kempton, GPPA will also look to support and represent the nearby communities of Bagdad, Melton-Mowbray and Aspley.



How we deliver

GPPA is a membership based organisation. Annual membership fees are set at the AGM and are due and payable each year.

Proper management and governance is delivered via a committee elected by members at the AGM.


Ordinary meetings are conducted every second month with additional meetings called as required. Committee members appointed responsibilities will draw on ordinary members and others as necessary to achieve the results desired. Progress reports are delivered at each meeting of the committee.


Meeting Management

A quorum will require a minimum of 4members with at least 3 of those being elected executive committee members. Ordinary members are able to attend any meeting and are able to have motions put forward and voted on. Proxy voting is available at normal and AGM meetings


Authority and Delegations

All funding requests, payments and submissions for any financial transaction must be approved by a properly passed motion at an ordinary meeting. All requests must be in writing.

Strategic Directions and Actions

GPPA has identified key strategic and operational actions that fit these headline areas:

  • Kempton Festival

  • Activities and Events

  • Communication/Marketing

  • Projects

  • Governance, Management and Finance


Each of these headline areas has in themselves a number of elements that require specific and further action. The intent in offering these as part of this document is to enable the committee and members of GPPA to assume responsibility of each and pursue the opportunities, success or other such action to achieve the Vision and Mission of GPPA.


The items offered within are not prescriptive and as such can be added to and amended as necessary following the appropriate decision being made at an ordinary meeting.



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